5 Scary Facts About Sleep

Hello guys on the occasion of world sleep day let’s talk about some scary facts about sleep which are very unreal and many of you have experienced them. Before that I will tell you one surprising fact about sleep which is applicable to every human. On an average person sleeps for 8 hours a day which means human sleeps one third of their life Isn’t it surprising.

Scary Facts About Sleep

Scary Facts About Sleep

1.Sleep Walking

You may have experienced or heard of someone getting up and walking around in the room or climbing out of window and urinating while asleep. According to studies it happens after 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep at night. It is most common in children. It happens due to lack of sleep, stress, fever. Sleepswalkers done lot of things while asleep let me tell you some scary facts abou sleep walking. Sleepwalkers have commited murders while asleep, now it is a excuse or a real thing don’t know. Some sleepwalkers have been known to drive a car, cook, bath,dance and what not.15% of population are sleepwalkers.

2.Sleep paralysis

If person is not able to talk or move immediately after waking up or while falling asleep, it is nothing but a sleep paralysis. It causes due to changing sleeping hours for people working in shifts, jet lags.

3.Sleep talking

Talking in sleep without being aware of it. Everyone must have experienced it once in their life. It is not harmful for person who is Sleep talking but it is disturbing for bed partners. Sometimes Sleep talking is awkward for you partner if you are talking some embarrassing things.


Waking up with full of sweat is noting but due to nightmares. Nightmares are nothing but scary dreams.Mostly it happens in children and sometimes it also affects adults too. During a day child consumes scary movies or read scary books which leads to the nightmares and suddenly child wakes up in the middle of night and start crying. Most common nightmares are like falling, death, being chased by someone.

5.Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are nothing but experiencing same dreams multiple times. Causes of recurring dreams are stress, anxiety, depression, unresolved issues or conflict.

Now we have discussed some scary facts let’s see some other interesting and shocking facts about sleep

1.You must have seen black and white movies, some people dreams black and white. studies shows that 12% people dreams in black and white. before color televisions 85% people dreamed in black and white.
2.It is hard to spend one day without sleep but there is a record for longest duration without sleep for 11days.
3.Giraffe only needs 2 hours of sleep per day.
4.Cats spends 2/3 of their life in sleeping.
5.If you feel hungry all the time it is due to lack of sleep.
6.Some humans can sleep with their eyes open.
7.Ideal time for falling asleep is between 10 to 15 minutes.
8.8% of American population prefer to sleep naked.
9.Early risers are more successful than others.
10.Only humans can delay their sleeps.
11.Getting a good sleep improves your memory.


Scary Facts About Sleep

While reading the scary facts about sleep you must have noticed that causes of all the facts are mostly common like lack of sleep, stress, anxiety. try to get 8 hours of sleep per day.

How to get a better sleep?

How to get a better sleep

1.Try to reduce your screen time If you are scrolling TikTok and Instagram reels. At least try not to touch you mobile before 2 hours from your bedtime.
2.If you are working on laptop whole day try to wear computer glasses which will prevent harmful rays coming from laptop screen.
3.If you are struggling to get good sleep try to listen silent music or podcasts or read books.
4.Try to finish your dinner 3-4 hours before your bedtime, avoid spicy food in night.
5.Not to drink lot of water exactly before sleep.
6.Daily exercise and meditation can help you to improve your sleep.
7.Always switch off lights in a room.
8.Consume appropriate content on the internet, consuming too much porn content can cause nightfall which again disturb your sleep.

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