8 Interesting Facts About Switzerland That Will Make You Fall in Love With This Country

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Hey there! I bet you’ve heard of Switzerland before. It’s hard not to when you imagine the beautiful scenery and snow-capped mountains that come to mind. Switzerland is famous for its luxury watches and mouth-watering milk chocolates. And even though it’s a small country compared to others in Europe, it’s full of surprises. There are so many unique things to discover about Switzerland that you might not know yet. So, before you decide whether or not to visit this incredible country, let me share some fascinating facts with you.

1.Lowest crime rate
Switzerland is really safe, even though lots of people own guns. Crime is low and there hasn’t been a mass shooting since 2001. Very few people get murdered – only about 45 per year. And the Swiss are some of the happiest folks around, like in Denmark and Finland. It’s pretty cool for such a small country!

2.25% of Switzerland’s population is foreign

Switzerland is a diverse place with many foreigners living there – around a quarter of the population! People from all over the world have made their home there, including Germans, Serbians, and many others. Most of these foreign residents come from other European countries, like France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal.

3.Switzerland’s Love for Animals

Switzerland really loves animals and takes their care seriously. Did you know you can take your furry friends to restaurants with you? That’s right! But wait, there’s more. To own some pets in Switzerland, you need to complete a course on how to take care of them. This shows how much Swiss people care about their animals. No wonder Switzerland is a great place for animal lovers!

4.Switzerland Loves Trains:
Switzerland has a lot of train tracks – over 5,300 kilometers of them! The Swiss people really like to travel by train and take more train rides than anyone else in Europe. The best part? Many of the train rides in Switzerland offer amazing views of the beautiful scenery around the country.

5.Switzerland has over 7000 lakes.
Switzerland has over 7,000 lakes, and they’re Switzerland has more than 7,000 beautiful lakes, which are usually very clean and clear. You can even drink the water from them! The lakes are so clean that they are considered to be polluted only if you cannot see the bottom of the water.

6.Sundays are Special in Switzerland
Switzerland really likes Sundays. They’re all about taking it easy, spending time with family, and enjoying nature. Lots of shops and businesses close down on Sundays so people can take a break from the usual busy routine. Families often get together for meals and fun activities like hiking and picnics.

7. Longest tunnel of the world
The longest tunnel in the world is the Gotthard Base Tunnel, located in Switzerland. It’s a railway tunnel that runs under the Alps and is an impressive 57.1 kilometers (35.5 miles) long. It took over 20 years to build and officially opened in 2016.

8.Swiss People love wine
Did you know that the average Swiss person drinks over 36 liters of wine per year? It’s true! Despite being known for their love of chocolate and cheese, the Swiss also enjoy a good glass of wine. In fact, Switzerland produces its own wine in several regions, including the Valais and Geneva.

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