11 Interesting Facts About Space

Hello guys space is full of secret and lot of things are yet to be discovered. Till now our scientist have found lot of interesting things about space which are unbelievable. It’s a matter of time that normal people who’s not a scientist can do the space travel and explore the space and it’s magic but till then let me tell you some interesting facts about space which will definitely amaze you. Also at the end I am going to tell you some interesting movies about space.

Facts About Space

Interesting facts about space

1.Planet with highest temperature

Facts About Space

Even though Mercury is a closest planet to Sun, Venus is a hottest planet in our solar system because there is no atmosphere on Mercury to regulate temperature. The surface temperature on Venus is around 450 degree Celsius. Venus is full of wonders another very shocking thing about Venus is if you spend one day on Venus is longer than one year. Venus takes 243 earth days to complete it one rotation and 225 days for orbit of Venus around sun.

2.Size of Sun

Facts About Space

Diameter of Sun is 1.3927 million km. Compared to earth Sun is equal to 960000 earths. Sun is not only big in size but it is heavier object int he solar system. 99.86% mass of total solar system is nothing but the sun.

3.Interesting facts about Mars

Facts About Space

The sunset on mars is blue in color. Another interesting thing about mars is there is volcano on mars which is 3 times taller than Everest. Scientist have claimed that there may be life on mars.


Facts About Space

Have you have ever wondered why sometimes space suits colors are white and sometimes its orange. These colors have some purpose. Astronaut wears white suit when they are doing some extravehicular activity(EVA) like spacewalking so it can easily reflect sun’s heat and they wears orange suits when they are returning back to earth so they can be captured easily on landing especially in water. a full Nasa spacesuit costs $12,000,000.


Facts About Space

If you walk on moon footprints will remain there for 100 years because there is no atmosphere, wind or water on moon to wipe out the footprints. Moon was once a piece of a earth. When earth was a new planet it was stuck my some massive object which broke away one small piece from earth to form Moon. Due to earth’s gravitational force this piece sorry Moon orbit around the Earth. Mercury and Venus are the only planet with not a single moon whereas Saturn has 82 known moons till date and counting.

6.Time to reach Pluto

If you plan to travel to Pluto by plane then it will take around 800 years. Pluto is also called as dwarf planet.

7.Space Junk Galaxy

Facts About Space

Moon is not the only thing which is orbiting around the earth but according to scientist there are 500000 space junks orbiting around the earth. space junk are nothing but the things broken or dropped while building the spaceships.

8.Stars In the Sky

Facts about Space

Have you ever imagined how many stars are there in space. According to scientist there are stars more than grains of sand on the earth. But there are millions of galaxies so stars are uncountable.

9.The Jovian Planets

The jovian planets

Imagine you are on some planet and there is no solid surface to walk. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune these planet have no solid surface to walk. These planets are also called as jovian planets.

10.Is there air in space?

Air or atmosphere is absent in space. It is a total vacuum. Space is totally silent as there is no medium for sound to travel. No one can hear you scream in space.

11.Largest Discovery of Water

There is a floating massive water Vapour cloud in a space which has mass of water 140 trillion times than earth’s ocean.

Some Interesting movies to watch about space

Movies On Space

The Martian
First Man
Apollo 13
A Space Odyssey (1968)

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