6 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. the son of top footballer in the world Cristiano Ronaldo was born on June 17,2010. He is known by the nickname “Cristianinho”. Just like his father he loves to play football. His father is his mentor and giving him a hard training to become a beast like him. Cristiano Ronaldo also believes that his son is so passionate about football and cristiano ronaldo jr may be the next generation legend. Cristiano Ronaldo fans from all over the world beleives that junior will definitely complete his father’s dream of winning the fifa world cup. Cristiano ronaldo junior was playing in Manchester United academy, but after his father joined the “Al-Nassr” he’s training in Saudi arabia. Let’s see some of the interesting facts about cristiano ronaldo jr.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo jr. mother

cristiano ronaldo jr.
On July 17, 2010 Cristiano Ronaldo announced birth of his son in a post on Facebook and Twitter. He also stated that their son’s mother did not want to be known and had legally given exclusive guardianship to him. In some interview he also told that cristiano ronaldo doesn’t know his mother but once he’s mature enough then he will tell him.cristiano ronaldo raised by his grandmother. His grandmother believes that he will become better player than his father.

2.cristiano ronaldo jr. Favourite player?

cristiano ronaldo jr.
World famous footballer always referred as a GOAT Lionel Messi is his favourite footballer and idol. You guys must have seen that video where messi comes and gives hugs and kisses to cristiano ronaldo jr. who was nervous at that time. Just Imagine Messi’s skills and his father’s mindset and hardwork what a player he’ll become.

3.Cristiano ronaldo jr. Mexico connection

cristiano ronaldo jr.
Cristiano Ronaldo jr could be eligible to play football for North American country Mexico. It is possible that he has connection to Mexico from his biological Mother’s side. Even though he has connection with Mexico he will definitely play for Portugal to complete his father’s dream. Portugal had given a better players than Mexico.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo jr. Controversy

cristiano ronaldo jr.
Cristiano Ronaldo jr. Was filmed riding a jet sky alone. The video was uploaded by his aunt later she deleted it. Police noticed this video and started a investigation. Riding a jet sky without licence is a offence(There may be some penalty). No one knows what happened then may be ronaldo family paid the penalty.

5. Cristiano ronaldo jr want six siblings

cristiano ronaldo jr.
According to some media reports jr told his father that he needs 6 siblings to match his magic number 7 and CR7 brand.

6.How cristiano ronaldo jr. become famous?

cristiano ronaldo jr.
He gained attention after one of his video went viral where he can be seen showing off his skills with a ball in June 2017. Also his father keep sharing his video where cristiano jr. can be seen copying his father’s pose while freekicks and ‘siuuu’ celebration.

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