9 Surprising Facts About the Filmfare Awards

filmfare awards

Hey there! Did you know that the Filmfare Awards have been around since 1954? Over the years, they’ve become one of the most prestigious film awards in India, celebrating the best movies and talents from across the country. But there’s more to the Filmfare Awards than just glitz and glamour. On the occasion of filmfare awards 2023 Here are 10 interesting facts you may not know about this iconic event:

1.The first filmfare award ceremony

The very first Filmfare Awards ceremony was held in 1954, and it was originally called the Clare Awards after the editor of the magazine, Filmfare. It was held in metro cinema, Bombay hosted by David. In this ceremony only 5 categories were considered . Filmfare for Best Film and Best Director was given to film Do Bigha Zamin, Best Actor Dilip Kumar(Daag), Best Actress Meena Kumari(Baiju Bawra) and last but not least Best Music Director for film Baiju Bawra.

2.The Filmfare awards are biased

The Filmfare Awards are often accused of being biased towards big-budget commercial movies? Yup, smaller independent films like “Tumbbad” have been snubbed by the Filmfare Awards despite being nominated for other award shows. It’s like they’re saying money talks, but talent walks.

3.The Filmfare award trophy

The Filmfare Award trophy, popularly called the “Black Lady,” is a beautiful work of art designed by N.G. Pansare, an artist from Mumbai. The trophy features a black figurine of a woman holding a golden disc above her head, which symbolizes the magic of cinema.

4.Every talent is Appreciated

Did you know that the Filmfare Awards have a category dedicated to the best choreography in movies? Yup, that’s right! The award recognizes the amazing talents of choreographers who work tirelessly to create those jaw-dropping dance sequences that we all love to watch in films.

5.The First Filmfare award

Dilip Kumar was the very first recipient of the Filmfare Award for Best Actor? He won the award for his outstanding performance in the film “Daag” way back in 1953. Dilip Kumar won this award 8 times in his whole career.

6.The Filmfare awards got cancelled first time

The Filmfare Awards got canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic? It was the first time in 65 years that the event couldn’t take place. Later it was held outside Mumbai.

7.Youngest actor to win

the youngest actor to ever win a Filmfare Award was Urmila Matondkar? She was only 19 when she won the Best Actress award for her performance in the film “Rangeela” in 1995.

8.The Filmfare awards in all region

The Filmfare Awards were only presented to Hindi films in the beginning? But now, they have expanded to include other regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Punjabi.

9.Most Filmfare award for best Actor

Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan have won 8 filmfare awards in best actor category. But Shah Rukh khan have chance to win some more and become the actor with most filmfare awards. Amitabh Bachchan is a Actor with most nominations. He was nominated 33 times and have won this award for 5 times.

filmfare awards

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